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Winter Clinic Sessions 1 & 2 Youth and High School

This is the time to work on your game in preparation for your season. From shooting to dodging, footwork to technique all players will benefit from our Skills training. With a focus on both defensive and offensive players, we aim to improve our players personal ability.


Conditioning - Stick Skills - Lacrosse IQ
Come Learn from top level coaches and players the three components that will take your game to the next level.
Conditioning- Speed and Agility are key components to both offensive and defensive success. 

Stick Skills- This is what separates players at every level from youth to Professional.  The better the stick skills (passing, shooting, cradling, protecting and picking up ground balls) the more opportunities a player has to improve his game.

Lacrosse IQ-This component will help players to understand why coaches ask them to perform certain tasks.  Here they will develop knowledge of playing the game instead of just playing the game.
Combining these three components will allow you to get ready to be the best lacrosse player you can this spring.

Dates:  TBA



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